Mass Market Release of Rock Star

I’m delighted that Rock Star will be released in mass-market format in April of next year. This was my first book, and I love the fact that I’ll have a second chance at winning new readers. With the lower price point and Kensington’s distribution power I think it should do well. I’ve seen most of these mass-market re-releases in Wal-Mart, the ultimate in making it to the big-time. 

What do you think of the new cover? The old one is like my first child, but I like this one as well. I think it’ll draw more attention on store shelves. The leather mini-skirt makes me giggle. Uh, Callie is a bookstore owner in a small southern town. She so wouldn’t be caught dead in such an outfit. As I’ve said many times before, authors have no clout when it comes to cover choices. This one is eye-catching, and I’ve certainly seen much worse.

7 thoughts on “Mass Market Release of Rock Star

  1. Congrats. I actually like this cover better, it actually ‘gets’ the mood of the work, and because you don’t see the model’s faces, it’s easier for you to imagine more.

    Yeah, what La said about the Asian hunk, phowar.

  2. I’m introducing a new character in Dark Star, Nate and Tonya’s book. Initially he was going to be Filipino, but there have been some changes. His name is Derringer, and he’s an uber bad ass, but he’s black. Sort of a cross between T.J. Holmes and Gary Dourdan before he became a crackhead.

    A new Asian guy story hasn’t come to me yet, but I know I’ll have it soon.

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