It’s Christmastime in the City

I got this pattern off ebay. I plan to make Luke the middle dinosaur for Christmas. They’re very large. The one I’m making is almost three feet tall. I know he’s going to wrestle and fight with it, so I’m making it extra strong. (Why does he have to wrestle everything that’s not tied down? That Y chromosome is something else!) Got a good deal on fleece for half-price. I’m excited. It’s got some really odd directions that I plan to ignore. Like using a hot glue gun to attach the legs. Yeah, right! Those things would be in Timbuktu in one hot minute once Luke gets his hands on them. It’s also covered in glued on buttons. I know the pattern is from 1993, but I have a hard time believing kids have changed that much. Maybe I’ve got the only kid who sticks stuff up his nose. Small buttons are a definite no-no. I got a light and a dark green fleece. I think it’ll look nice. 

Of course, I have no time and have no idea how I’m going to make this thing when I’m with him 12 hours a day. Plus I want to finish my manuscript and a quilt a 60″ x 60″ quilt top by Christmas. I guess I think I’m Erica B.!!!

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