Buy My Book, Or Else


It’s been brought to my attention that I don’t promote myself enough. In the interest of home-training, good manners, etc… I’ve tried to be subtle about this, but I’ve run out of patience folks. By my count I’ve given away at least a dozen copies of Try A Little Tenderness. Including three from my birthday contest. And with one exception I’ve had NO FEEDBACK AT ALL. Is this a case of no news is good news or what? Where is the buzz, people? Nobody’s facebooking/twittering/or myspacing my book but me. I haven’t even found it on anyone’s blog. (Yes, I have a google alert. And yes, I know how pathetic that is.) I have a hard time asking people for favors, but here goes:

Please for the love of all things chocolate with buttercream frosting


If you read it and liked it TELL SOMEBODY! In fact, tell lots of bodies.

If you haven’t read it, READ IT!!!

It’s Christmastime in the city. Books make great gifts. You can even go zero-carbon and give someone an e-book. Better yet, give everyone an e-book.

(BTW, the industry is in mad trouble.

Do your do your friendly neighborhood writer a favor and buy LOTS of books. TKS)


Yes, I know that shameless self-promotion is well, shameless, but subtlety doesn’t seem to be working. 

So, as a favor to me let’s drive the google alert people crazy. Twitter it. Facebook it. Blog it. Myspace it. IM it. Invent a new app and App the living hell out of it. If you’re not in the technology groove, tell people in the real world. Tell lots of people in the real world. Tell your dentist, your gyno, your mechanic, your grocery store cashier. Hell, tell your prison pen pal (Hey, they have libraries, as a matter of fact, be sure to tell some librarians. Me love librarians.) You can even tell Elizabeth Hasselbeck. I don’t care. Whatever you do, TALK ABOUT MY BOOK!!!!

Just in case you haven’t bought my book YET (Shame, shame, shame), I’ve linked below. After you read it and discover how fabulous it is I expect to hear from you, IMMEDIATELY!!!

E-Book at Loose-Id

Tree Book at Amazon

E-Book at Fictionwise

10 thoughts on “Buy My Book, Or Else

  1. I was able to pull some strings, and I got Zehuti (AKA Thoth) of the Egyptian Pantehon of gods to endorse your book! Since he served as scribe of the gods he is credited with the invention of writing and alphabets, so his endorsement is pretty heavy!!

  2. I did read it, and I liked it! I was one of the giveaways. I plan on reading it again too. I’m not a detailed book reviewer, because when I explain a book to someone, I end up giving away great details. EVERYONE BUY THIS BOOK! 😀 IT’S A GOOD READ. I’m not giving away any thing else. 😀

  3. I bought two copies of your book for my branch of the Detroit Public Library. I tried to buy it earlier but I just saw it on Ingram today. If I had been able to buy it earlier I would have been able to put in on the AABL that DPL puts out every year. Let me know if you have something coming out in ’09. Also let me know if you are interested in coming to Detroit to talk about your book and geting published.

  4. Hello Pinksun, thank you so much for buying my book for the library. I think I’ve mentioned before that I love libraries. I do have a book coming out in 2009, but I’m not sure of the date yet.

  5. Hi Roslyn,
    I just bought the book and I promise to read it and give you a decent idea of what I thought about it. I have a Cybook and I read erotica non-stop on it, on the bus, in the line at the bank, during my lunch hour, etc. My favorite erotica is interracial and wolves. Vampires are okay but not as hot or as passionate as wolves. The bf thinks that I’ve lost my mind since I got the Cybook!

    In another post, you said the industry was in trouble. I’m trying desperately to turn my friends onto ebooks. In Barbados, the idea of ebooks is relatively unknown. I’m not giving up though! While my friends like the idea of the ebook, they think the cost of portable devices is too high.

  6. So I read it. I loved Lola! Loved Koss! Loved how the storyline came together. Realistic! The sex was hawt!!! The only thing I didn’t understand was the last scene where she put back on one of the costumes. Why? I thought she would have been past it. Was it that therapy helped her accept it? I would imagine that a person would want to put it behind them… Anyways, I loved it! I’ll add you as one of my favorites on Fictionwise.

  7. Thank you so much Roslyn. The last scene demonstrates that she’s past it, but it will always be a part of her. It’s not something she’s ashamed of, she’s worked through it and has come to an understanding of why she did it and why she never has to worry about slipping into that again. She’s whole.

    I’m really glad you enjoyed my book and I’m delighted to be in your faves on Fictionwise. Again, thanks much.

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