Fabulous Coats

Erica B. (who we all hate, btw) had this fabulous coat up on her blog. Yeah, I’m hating. Looking all Audrey Hepburnish and thangs. I’d just seen Audrey in the movie Charade the night before and fell in love with this coat. Yep, funnel neckline, bracelet sleeves. *le sigh.* Now Erica has a crazy gorgeous white coat up on her blog. I’m sure she’ll whip it up one afternoon during a tea party. All I know is I’ve been fiending for a white coat since I saw Gwyneth Paltrow in that Gucci coat. Yeah, I know, champagne tastes, water budget. 

4 thoughts on “Fabulous Coats

  1. I hate Erica too, but I’m trying to channel my hatred in a productive fashion by sewing more so that one day, maybe one day, I’ll reach the same skill level.

    Just this very morning I finished my daughter’s Eid dress. It is not perfect but you can’t tell unless you look VERY closely or look on the inside.
    I’m so proud I was jumping up and down this morning.

  2. Nice coat. Just wanted to add that Audrey pic above is from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, though.

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