Twelfth Night Giveaway!!!!

For those of you who were around for my birthday giveaway, this one will be even more better. (BTW, I do use better grammar in my books!-lol-) Lisa G. Riley is my critique partner and good friend. We’ve decided to collaborate on the most fabulous contest ever, all in honor of one of my favorite Shakespearean plays, Twelfth Night! This is going to be a cumulative contest, and you have to have read both our latest books, Try a Little Tenderness and Simply Wicked in order to enter. That’s why I’m telling you about the contest early so you’ll have a chance to buy the books and read them before the contest begins. 

The prize is going to be awesome. You’ll get one copy of Lisa’s anthologies Big Spankable Asses and Bound to Ecstasy. And her legendary stand-alone title At Last. You’ll also receive both my books, Rock Star and Try a Little Tenderness. And a copy of my soon-to-be published new book, Pussycat Death Squad. Just to sweeten the pot, we’ll include a $25.00 Amazon gift certificate and assorted other prizes. 

See, I told y’all this contest thing was too much fun. Now you guys have approximately three weeks to run out and get the books so you’ll be prepared to answer the contest questions. Remember, you have to email answers to all the questions, so be ready. Keep an eye on this blog for updates as they come, and here’s to lots of wassail on Twelfth Night!!!

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