So this is the tiny little laptop of my dreams. Okay, actually I dream about owning a PowerBook, but short of selling a kidney that’s not going to happen anytime soon. This little gizmo retails for about $300 and is small enough to fit in my purse. It runs on Linux and is solid-state. According to Whit that means no moving parts to break down. That’s always a good thing in electronics, or so I’ve been told. 

I’ve needed a laptop since forever. Right now I do most of my writing on a desktop in the room I optimistically refer to as my office. I’d prefer to be in the den with Whit while he watches a movie or a game so we can be together. Sometimes I write in longhand on a legal pad, but a laptop would be great. 

This little dude is tiny. They let me play with one in Target. Fortunately, I have little T-Rex hands so it works fine, but for someone like Whit who has massive hands, it would be out of the question. It will also double as an e-book reader, though you have to download an app so that it’ll read portrait instead of landscape. I hope it’s not too complicated.

3 thoughts on “Mini-Laptop

  1. I have been looking at these for a couple of months now. I’ve looked at the Asus @ Target and the Acer @ Walmart. They both run off of Linux (which I’ve never used before). I’ve been waiting it out to see if they would be on sale after Thanksgiving. I will get up at 4 am for a good deal! LOL They only thing I didn’t like about them was the fact that you have to buy an external CD/DVD drive. I have to load my software. And I also read that you may need to add a memory card. Either way, I really like them and I think that’ll be my Christmas gift.

  2. I’ll be in Destin for the holiday, and if the deal is good I’ll go out at dawn too to score one.

    I’d probably just use the Google word processing program for mine so I don’t have to buy additional software. That’s convenient anyway so my critique partner can see it as I work. I won’t have to email it to her. She doesn’t have a Mac and even though I have Word for Mac sometimes she can’t open a document. So this will work out great.

    I’m absolutely nuts about these little dudes.

  3. Oh great, we’re talking about what I love to talk about which is e-lek-traw-niks! I’ve been tempted to purchase one of these small babies for couple months now, even though I can’t stand laptops (I own 1 laptop and 3 desktops at the present time, I know). I’ve been thinking about one of those pink mini Acers to help me run my online business when I’m out and about. Erica is right about the ROM part, I personally don’t need a ROM per say, but it would be beneficial to have for a laptop (almost defeats the purpose for most people).

    Anyway, you could take it with you in your purse easily! If you don’t have problems with your eyes like I do, then I say go for it. But make sure your main reason for it is for the lightweight mobility (it’s very limited in features and power), or else you might as well go with a regular laptop which is mobile and still compatible to the average desktop. Let us know.

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