Pure Fucknuttery


I’ve been laughing at this chick for a while now, but today, she went TOO DAMNED FAR!!! I just watched this highly paid ‘t.v. chef’ make cornbread dressing with a can of water chestnuts, a pack of dry Italian seasoning and a can of creamed corn! No sage. No celery. No onion. What kind of fucknuttery is that? How the hell do she and Paula Deen get away with this condensed soup cooking? Folk cooked like that back in the 1970s when nobody knew any better. For the love of Pete, how hard is it to make cornbread dressing? I know she’s a lush (Witness the Christmas tree covered in cocktail glasses), but if you’re going to call yourself a cook, do some cooking.

How is this woman selling cookbooks? Opening packages of canned food is not cooking. Even if you tacky it up with over-the-top tablescapes. Hey Sandra, here’s an idea, why not spend some of the time you put into buying tacky shit to put on the table into you know, cooking? What the hell is up with these bubble-headed women getting lucrative book deals? You can’t convince me that Sarah Palin has anything to say that’s worth $7 million. The woman can’t even talk in complete sentences. Most of the money will probably end up going to the ghost writer to pay for her Prozac prescription. Damned if I’d spend hours talking to that woman without strong meds.

5 thoughts on “Pure Fucknuttery

  1. LOL! That chick right there is one of the main reasons I don’t watch The Food Network much anymore. I was constantly yelling at the TV when her “cooking” show came on and staring in disbelief at her decor. Not to mention those stupid drinks she mixes up on the daily!!! Don’t get me started . . .

  2. LMFAO!!! Goodness, it’s only funny if it’s true and BABY, you didn’t tell any lies in this entry!

    Every time this woman’s show comes on, I automatically change the channel. I don’t need her to teach me how to open soup cans and fire up the microwave!

  3. It was all over for me the day she used Cool Whip in one of her “festive” desserts….and is it just me, or does she seem under the influence of something when she’s on the air?

  4. Oh lord, someone is finally calling this chick out! Semi-homemade is right! I watch her like it’s a trainwreck. I can’t stop watching her, even when i’m yelling at the screen. The only thing homemade on her show is the alcohol drinks! She seems like she can drink a whole fifth by herself and not blink an eye!

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