The War to End All Wars


Okay, so I’m going to have to go into seclusion on Veteran’s Day next year. It seems that every year somebody says or does something stupid. Last year it was people who couldn’t tell their children what the poppies were for. This year, this nitwit CNN anchor, Heidi Collins referred to World War II as ‘The War to End All Wars.’ I kept waiting for her to come back and correct herself, but she never did. Even worse, according to her biography she’s a specialist in ‘military affairs.’ 

Just for the record folks, World War I is known as ‘The War to End All Wars.’ And those poppies symbolize all the soldiers who lost their lives in Flanders Field, also in World War I. Poppy seeds live in soil indefinitely until that soil is disturbed, then they pop up suddenly. So many graves were dug after the battle of the Somme that there were poppies as far as the eye could see. Please, for all things butter-cream frosted, remember that next Veteran’s Day.

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