Who Re-Poed the Bull?

Fallen bull statue in Wall Street

It was only a matter of time, I suppose. It would make a cool lawn ornament, though. And given the price they’re getting for metals in the commodities market these days, I’m sure you’ll see them getting rid of all kinds of luxuries.

I’m still opposed to the bail-out, not the Congress has listened to me. Obviously it has turned into a charley-foxtrot of monumental proportions. Paulson couldn’t find his backside with both hands, a flashlight and a mirror. Then he appoints another one of his Goldman-Sachs buddies to be the ‘czar.’ By the way, what’s up with using that word? Does no one recall what happened to the last ‘czar?’ And why is it that everyone in this administration comes from one firm? Is Goldman-Sachs hatching these guys like Steve Spurrier used to hatch quarterbacks? Never mind me, I’m just asking.

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