Victoria Secret Sweaters: What Do You Think?

I’ve been window-shopping again. I really wanted a sweater similar to the Michael Kors one, without the $1500 price tag. I think the mauve sweater is similar, unfortunately it doesn’t have the fabulous ombré coloring. I haven’t seen another sweater that accomplishes that without looking cheesy. 

I like the two lounging outfits. I’m always cold so I’ll probably get the dark grey one because it looks warmer. The red sweater is schmoking, but I have narrow shoulders, so it’ll probably drive me nuts falling off my shoulders. I like the texture in the plum sweater. 

I’ve never bought anything from Victoria’s Secret before. Their bras aren’t for women like me, and I’ve never had occasion to look at their clothing before. I assumed it would be similar in quality to The Limited, but several folks on Monnie’s blog said otherwise. We’ll see. I want to try to put my order in before Thanksgiving. We’re going to the mother-in-law’s and it would be nice to have something new to wear. Especially if I lose weight on this fourteen day challenge I just embarked on.

I know I’ve got some fashionistas up in here. What do y’all think? Do you have other suggestions? If anyone asked I’d say that Anthropologie is probably my fave store on earth. Unfortunately, their prices leave a lot to be desired. And when they do go on sale, the plus sizes are already gone. I think these sweaters have a good vibe though, how about you?

3 thoughts on “Victoria Secret Sweaters: What Do You Think?

  1. I like both of the lounging outfits and while I like the plum sweater, I think you would have to wear a camisole underneath.

  2. I’m not sure about the sweaters but I have bought a couple of baby doll slip dresses from Victoria’s Secret and I think the design is much better than the garment quality.

    I am still going to keep buying intimates from them as their designs are really cute/ sexy but they aren’t really designed to last.
    I had to re-stitch one that was sewn prperly and had come undone and I hadn’t even worn it yet! Returning it was impractical as I am in Sydney, Australia so my bad luck, I guess.

    I have to say that I’m not a sweater (or jumpers, as we call them where I come from) kind of girl.
    Have you thought about getting a wraparound kind of cardigan in a heavy knit? It would be nice with a belt in the same knit. I think it would be more flattering on the body than a straight up and down sweater.
    I have a straight kind of body shape with no curves in the middle so I try to avoid anything that makes me look rectangular.

  3. I just ordered two sweaters from VS. They have GET30 off and a free scarf online. I found the boyfriend sweater in cashmere and cotton comfy looking and want it badly. Instead, I purchased the Boucle in Red Chili turtle neck and baby doll sweater to go with the free scarf. Now, I love the fair isle sweater coat they have right now, but I can’t get with it at the moment. I shopped VS when I was in Germany and maxed out my VS I refuse to get another one because I’d go crazy. I love sweaters and the prices aren’t bad, especially with all the discounts VS has. You can add up to 3 codes when ordering online. You cannot beat that!

    I adore that boat neck bell sleeve red cable sweater. I’m a casual girl, so that one and the black boyfriend is nice. The mauve is a nice cabled waffle knit and the pockets add a bit of casualness to it. I would def rock that with a natural necklace and some Uggs.

    I know, I went all off tanget….lol


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