We’ve Got Coattails Yes We Do

Okay folks, our job here is not done. Quiet as it’s kept, a president can’t do jack in Washington without Congress. He needs as many people in his own party, AND he needs for those people to owe him. Jim Martin is in the fight of his life in a run-off against Saxby Chambliss in Georgia. Obama is sending his people down to help Martin, but we’ve got to do our part. The Republicans are breaking out their star power, including that woman (IMO, this alone is grounds for him to go down in flames. Leave that disaster in Alaska.) First, if you’re in Georgia be sure to vote in the run-off. Early voting may start as early as next week. If you’ve got money donate, even five dollars will help. (Hell you can still buy a stamp with a fiver, can’t you?) 

Obama has a huge agenda ahead of him. He needs all the support we can give him, we’ve worked hard, but we’re not on the mountaintop yet. Thank you, and Goddess Bless America.

Click Here to Donate to Jim Martin

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