First Ladies: Inaugural Ball Gowns


I’ve always been fascinated by inaugural balls, really formal events period. I like the notion of dressing up in frippery. Note, I said I like ‘notion’ of dressing up in formal wear, but actually wearing it? Not so much. I’ve always loved Mamie Eisenhower’s dress. She was a legendary lover of the color pink, which was known as Mamie pink in her day. I looked for something similar for my own wedding. I’m not crazy about Jackie Kennedy’s dress. I just don’t like capes. Though I hated her husband, I think Nancy Reagan’s dress was quite nice. Usually I don’t like the one-shoulder thing, but for her, it worked.

Of course, there’s mad and crazy speculation about Madame Obama’s dress. I would imagine that besides the first puppy they’ve probably gotten more inquiries about it than anything else. I would love, love, love to see her in white. With the rich tones of her skin it would be unbelievably gorgeous.

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