E-Book Sales

Thanks to Dear Author I read this great article at Publisher’s Weekly about e-book sales. They’re doing quite well, which is good because I like the industry a lot. Oprah’s endorsement of the Kindle helped a lot. With any luck I’ll have fewer people look at me like I’m crazy when I talk about e-books. 

The iphone has surpassed the Razr as the best-selling phone and the BlackBerry as the best-selling smart phone. People like to use it as an e-book reader and more apps for it are coming out daily. This is great news as I’m hoping that this development will encourage Apple to create an e-book reader. Even if they don’t, all these apps for the most popular cell phone is, of course, great news for me and the digital publishing industry. Yay!!!


via Digital Pulse 2008 – 11/10/2008 – Publishers Weekly

2 thoughts on “E-Book Sales

  1. Thanks for this article Roslyn. I’ve been thinking about e-books and self-publishing quite a bit lately. I need to do my homework on both.

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