I’m Glad Dan Abrams Got Fired

No doubt about it, Dan Abrams is a hottie. Those dreamy blue eyes. That slightly crooked nose. I could watch that man’s bottom lip for days. Even his slightly elfin ears are sexy to me. As you know, under normal circumstances I’ll watch a hot guy on TV all day long, even if he’s a moron. For the most part Abrams was reasonably good, so why am I so delighted to see him canned? I had one major issue with old boy that still drives me nuts. Every time they’d have a discussion on the show about teachers who sexually abuse male students he’d go off on this tangent about how it wasn’t the same as sexual abuse of a female. He’d diminish it to the point that I seriously suspect that Mr. Abrams himself must have had some sort of experience with an abusive older woman. 

Abrams is an attorney, and probably pretty smart, but on this issue he doesn’t know diddly. Being taken advantage of by an older woman is extremely damaging to young males. Especially when that older woman is an authority figure like a teacher. We have all these men running around with boundary and commitment issues, totally unable to do anything but, ‘hit it and quit it.’ Doesn’t anyone wonder how they got that way? 

Years ago I dated a guy whose mother had run around on his father. Even worse, she’d taken him with her on these trysts. His first sexual experience was at the hands of a baby sitter; his mother’s best friend. Little wonder then that dude couldn’t keep it in his pants for anything. I believe he sincerely loved me, but dude was a hound, really, I suspect, through no fault of his own. 

If anything, abuse of males is actually MORE damaging. Think about it, women tend to direct their pain inward. Men have a nasty habit of striking out and hurting others. This alone is good reason for us to seriously examine our attitudes about sexual abuse of young men. Far from being ‘every boy’s fantasy.’ It’s every boy’s (and society’s) nightmare.

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