Y’all know I love you like a play cousin. Your mix of old school R&B is one of the few things that make my Babylonian exile bearable. (For a bougie over-priced hellhole, Atlanta has some FIERCE radio stations!) I listen to you constantly, especially while driving. But seriously, you’ve got to warn a sister when you break into a mix of Change is Gonna Come and Obama’s speech. You especially can’t play it when I’m driving. You know I’m driving challenged. The worst of it is that I was on Holcomb Bridge Road. Nothing worse than dying on a street with your name on it. Bound to make the freaky ass coincidence news. So, from now on, give me a heads up. And BTW, can I have that cut?

3 thoughts on “Dear WRAL KISS FM,

  1. I started thinking about that song while I was observing yesterday but I didn’t want to jinx anything. Once the announcement was made, I listened to it on repeat. So fitting.

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