Copper Thieves

Somebody stole the copper wiring from the soccer field where Luke plays. It’s happening all over Atlanta, and I’m disgusted and pissed. I remember this crap from the 1970s. (Along with siphoning gas out of folks cars, another crime that’s making a comeback.) According to this article copper is about $4 a pound. Now, copper isn’t particularly heavy so I would imagine you’d have to steal an awful lot of it to make it worth your while. I’d be amazed if they got a $100, yet they do thousands of dollars in damage. 

There was a recent story on NPR about people stealing lead roofs from ancient churches in England. At least lead weighs a lot so presumably you’d get more money on a per pound basis, but I wonder about folk who steal from churches. I mean, with all the gazillions of other places on this planet to steal from, you have to rip off a church?  Isn’t that a guarantee of busting Hell wide open? Takes some major cojones to do that. Word.

2 thoughts on “Copper Thieves

  1. Copper theft is rampant here in New Orleans also with the rebuilding of the city. Many people have had to start over because some crook busted their sheetrock and took all of the copper wiring, plumbing, etc.

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