I Want One of These

What is he? you may well ask. He’s a golden doodle. That’s right a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle, and I think they’re hella gorgeous. Why would I, a person who has never owned anything but mutts want a ’boutique dog.’ Well, duh, look at him,he’s gorgeous! We’ve talked about getting a dog for Luke for a while. We’ll probably wait a little longer, but I adore these dogs. I understand the blond is more popular, but I think they’re actually more fabulous in black. See, now I want two of them. And just think, I said I didn’t want anything else with long hair after living for decades with a long-hair cat. Oh the things you do for love!!!


2 thoughts on “I Want One of These

  1. I first caught site of those from a breeder here in GA. It reminded me that I’ve always felt a little sorry for male poodles and male lady bugs.

  2. I know. My husband says no way is he owning a male dog that’s a ‘goldendoodle.’ I think the name is cute, but he’s not feeling it. He thinks they’re gorgeous, but only if we get a girl.

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