The Holcomb Prize

In keeping with the tradition of this blog, (and a shameless rip-off of the Nobel) I’m going to award Prizes for items that I’ve found incredibly useful. 

Bag Salad: Just what the hell did wedo before this was invented? No, seriously. Well, I’ll tell you what I did, I had a veggie drawer full of science experiments. With this stuff, no muss no fuss. Yes, I know it’s much more expensive than just buying a head of lettuce and some veggies, but I’m much more likely to serve a salad if the hard work already been done for me.

Foaming Hand Soap: Amazingly, I just discovered this wondrous substance a few months ago. It’s particularly fabulous when you have little kids. Usually I’d have soap drippings all over the place, but that’s behind me now. I’ve always avoided it because the refills are more expensive than regular hand soap (and you know I’m all about the dollars). Then it dawned on me, that it’s just heavily diluted with water to keep the pump from sticking. Yay me, I just buy the regular hand soap and dilute it 3:1 with water. I usually buy Dr. Bronner’s anyway, and you dilute the living daylights out of that stuff. 

That’s all I have at the moment, what are some of your amazingly helpful inventions?

3 thoughts on “The Holcomb Prize

  1. Antibacterial hand cleaner in travel sizes. I keep 5. I can never have less than 5 in case there is a tragedy and I run out before the stores open. Yup. This stuff is my Aston Martin.

  2. Yay! Congrats on your new blog home. Looks great. Love it! I love that I’m able to leave messages once again. 😉 Awesome!


  3. “Yay me, I just buy the regular hand soap and dilute it 3:1 with water.”

    Are you serious? That’s all it is to it? It actually never darned on me. You live and learn.

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