I haven’t been around the publishing industry all that long, and the issue of piracy is something that I was only peripherally aware of. I’m not even a mid-list author yet, so I didn’t think anyone would bother stealing my books. That has unfortunately proven to be untrue. Interestingly enough, people are even looking for Rock Star Weddings, a book I give away for FREE on my website!!! 

I understand that books aren’t cheap, and in these tough times it’s very hard to justify the costs. Try to understand, however that I work very hard to produce a good product. I deserve to be paid for my efforts. I don’t particularly get in a lather over someone passing a book on to a friend. That’s no big deal, and might even gain me a new reader. But I’m about to lose it over people who upload my books to these servers for all and sundry to download. It’s simply wrong, and makes an industry that it’s already almost impossible to get ahead in, even more difficult. 

I live and die by my sales. Each pirated book is a lost sale. It’s just that simple. If I don’t sell books, nobody will publish me, and it’s bye-bye Roslyn. I love my fans and want to continue producing good books as long as you’ll have me. Thank you so much for your support.

3 thoughts on “Pirating

  1. I HATE, HATE plagiarizers.

    Oh wait, this post wasn’t about plagiarizers.

    Well, I just say I agree with you. I would hate to work so hard on something only to be denied my just payment.

  2. Yeah- I must admit- I’m guilty of once being a pirate (I swear I’ve never pirated your stuff- I just found your blog!)

    It’s ridiculous but it took me a while to realize that by pirating, I’m taking the food off of someone’s table.

    Anywho- I support you!
    Personally as well as financially 🙂

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