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Me and My Pussycats

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I’ve had a lot of inquiries about the original Pussycat Death Squad book. (And I really appreciate it, because these books really are my heart.) It came down in late summer because I got the rights back from the publisher. You might have noticed, I got the rights back to six books in the past few months and I’ve been working my poor husband like crazy to get new covers done. He works full-time and this is his busy time at work. And, much as he would deny it, the man is an artist. And yeah, (whispering) he has an artistic temperament and since he’s working for free…yeah, I have to take my covers when he gets around to them. He’s working on the new cover and he should have it finished by the end of the week and it’s a beauty! I know I say that every time, but the man just amazes me.

The next Pussycat book is Pussycat in Peril. It’s the third book in the series and is about Astaria, who, if you will recall was the second in command to Lelia in Pussycat Death Squad. Astaria has found herself trapped back in her home country in the middle of an internecine war and must be rescued by her husband. (Her husband? Where the hell did she get one of those? And more importantly, why?) It’s a marriage of convenience story, and those have always been one of my fave romance tropes. It was also strongly influenced by Roberta Gellis’s The Kent Heiress. To the point of, dare I say it? Being FAN FICTION!!! Quelle horreur! Gellis’s story takes place during the French Revolution and I always wanted to do a contemporary story of that nature, but couldn’t really come up with a suitable setting. Then the Arab Spring happened, and voila my imagination was off to the races. (No, I  don’t know why I’m speaking French this morning, but the setting of this story was a former French colony.) I’m loving the heck out of this story, especially since the Arab revolution and the aftermath is still very much in the news.

Astaria, the heroine is of East African lineage, and like all the Pussycats is as lethal as she is gorgeous. As a sniper in the counter-revolutionary forces she has no trouble living up to the “Hot Shot” title Kaeden has given her.  Kaeden Nassir, the hero is just awesome. An Egyptian American Marine from Tennessee he is everything a hero should be; madly in love with the heroine, and prepared to die to protect her. Suffice it to say, it would behoove you to be careful any time he has his precious “Arkansas Toothpick” in his hand. As for the photos at the top of the page, Astaria’s father was an archaeologist excavating Roman ruins in their home country. The pictures are of Roman ruins in Libya and, as I’ve mentioned before, Laritrea is loosely based on that country and activities occurring there. I’m hoping to have it ready in time for a Christmas release.

As always, thank y’all so much for your support. I love writing these stories and it’s still amazing to me that y’all enjoy them as much as I do .

Next Best Thing Blog Hop

The lovely and talented Yvonne Nicolas invited me to participate in this blog hop. I’ve never done one before and I think it’s hella cool. She asked me to answer a few questions about my current work-in-progress.

What is the working title of your book? Until last week the title was Pussycat Death Squad: Goddess of Milan. Now it’s Pussycat Death Squad: The Lion in Russia

Where did the idea come from for the book? I’ve always been fascinated by Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, who seems to pretty much do as he likes, up to, and including murder (allegedly). A while back I read a story about the murder of an Ukranian dissident who everyone knows was killed at the behest of Putin (allegedly) and the germ of the story was formed. Later, I read an article in Vanity Fair about the way Putin is imprisoning the oligarchs, the Russian billionaires and confiscating their wealth, and the story grew from there. The 90s were a very exciting time in Russia in a way that reminds me of the Robber Barons of American history. The way the oligarchs took control of much of the wealth of the country is very familiar to a history geek like myself.

What genre does your book fall under? Multicultural Romantic Suspense, though really that should be Action Adventure, but I don’t think that’s a sub-genre under romance.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie? Viggo Mortensen would be perfect for Leo. For Vries I think it would be Taraji P. Henson.

What is a one sentence synopsis of your book? Vries must protect the man she loves from political assassination, even though she runs a risk greater than bullets; losing his love.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency/publisher? Self-published

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? Four months

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre? There are a lot of books with Russian heroes about these days, but theirs are about the Russian mafia. My book is about the oligarchs and is more of a political drama, but obviously there are some similarities. Certainly it can be difficult to tell the criminals from the politicians in this story, especially as it pertains to the level of violence. But with the female assassin, and bodyguard I can’t think of anyone who has written anything like it. It’s very James Bond/Nikita.

Who or What inspired you to write this book? Vladimir Putin, Mikhail Khordokovsky and Alexander Litvinenko all inspired Leo. Vries is a bit La Femme Nikita meets Naomi Campbell meets Pam Grier. She’s a supermodel assassin with a big fro, wearing a designer maxi dress who in the opening scene kills a man by poisoning him with a syringe hidden in her platinum Black Power afro pick!

What else about your book might interest the reader? This book is a sequel. The first story, Pussycat Death Squad came out in 2009. The Pussycat Death Squad concept was inspired by the late Libyan leader Muammar Quadaffi’s all-female Amazon Guard. This series will continue next year with Pussycat Death Squad: Diamonds on the River.

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Goddess of Milan Cover!!!

I’m so excited about this cover that I just couldn’t wait to show you guys. Whit actually finished it on Sunday, but he wouldn’t let me show y’all yet. Something about her thumb wasn’t right. *le sigh* But it never pays to argue with the talent, so I jusr smiled and did my “Yes, dear,” Stepford Wife style. God willing this book will be out the first week of October. Meanwhile, just enjoy the pretty.


Wow, the past six months have been an absolute whirlwind, and the changes keep coming. I’ve taken down my website and now only have the blog. What do you think of the roses background? It’s a favorite picture of mine. Some people complained that the white text was too hard to read on the dark background. Is this better? Hot for Teacher was slightly delayed by my husband’s hernia surgery. He’s my cover designer and just hasn’t been up to any design work for the past couple of months. Fortunately, he’s feeling better now and I hope to have the book out the first week of June. That pushes the new Pussycat Death Squad book to August, but I’m determined to make the schedule. Superstar should be right on time.

You guys so totally rock and I always want to produce my absolute best for you. Dark Star sold well beyond even my wildest dreams and I love you for that. I want to always be deserving of your incredible support. I haven’t forgotten the write as you go contest, just a bit sidetracked by my husband’s illness. Please do continue to submit ideas. I was thinking that maybe limiting it to holidays wasn’t such a good idea. So, you guys submit any ideas you want for a story I can write and post on the blog. I’m really looking forward to your ideas. Again, thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.


I keep telling y’all if you haven’t grabbed this one you’re seriously missing out. I love this review.



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