Scarf Storage



So last year I had the joy of finally getting my linen closet organized. It was absolutely thrilling. (Yes, I know I need a life). This year I’ve decided to organize my scarf storage. Odd as it might seem for someone who is not into clothes, but I absolutely LOVE scarves. I’ve got a ton of them. I used them hang them on the back of my closet door in my old house. They were like art and made me happy happy. We have those yucky bifold doors in this house, so now they’re crammed in drawers. I forget to use them because I can’t see them anymore.

I’ve been pinning some ideas in Pinterest that I like. As always it has to be relatively easy and most importantly, CHEAP. I really like this one. They used these cheap rods you can get at Ikea and simply tied the scarves to it. I don’t want it out in my room and my closet is too small. So I’ve got to find somewhere to hang them.



I like this one too, but with the scarves all balled up they’ll wrinkle (which is one of the things I hate about having them in drawers). It’s more flexible and I can literally configure the cups around a wall in my closet. So I dunno. Anyone have any ideas?



Dining Room Table At Last?


I’ve been on a quest for a dining room table for more than fifteen years. Over the years my tastes and needs have evolved. It has to stand up to homework, craft projects, sewing and nightly games of Scrabble. I like this one, and the price, $340 is right. Needs a little TLC, but nothing major. I think it might be too dark though. My dining room will someday will someday be a luscious shade of apricot with wainscoting. If I get really ambitious, the ceiling will have stars like this to complement a nice crystal chandelier. I really like the dichotomy between the rustic table in the elegant room. What do y’all think? 

New Sofa!

Remember I told y’all I was getting my sofa redone? I’ve been putting it of forever, but finally I did it, and they did a TREMENDOUS job. I was very fortunate that one of Whit’s co-workers told us about this no name fabric store off I85. Can you believe this fabric was only $6.99 a yard!? The upholstery job was spendy, they had to make new cushions and repair a lot of springs, but as I reminded my husband the couch itself was free and very high end. It’s fifty years old and this type of craftsmanship would easily cost $5k today. We spent $130 on fabric and about $750 on the work. That included pick up, delivery, repairs and Scotchguarding. (Yeah I know a can of Scotchguard doesn’t cost much, but I didn’t want to spray it in my house.) if you need upholstery work I highly recommend New Century Upholstery in Chamblee.


Decorating the Boy’s Rooms

Been really thinking about decorating a lot lately. Luke has just about outgrown the bunkbed in his room, and since moving it to Kell’s room is out of the question, we’ll move Luke instead! I’m painting the room a pale yellow, and it’s going to have a nautical theme. I’m using this tutorial to make rugby striped curtains like the $90 a panel ones in Pottery Barn. Also going to make a Mariner’s Compass quilt for his bed. I’ve always wanted to do a Mariner’s Compass. As you can see, it’s a piecing challenge. I love hand-piecing.


Kell’s room will be blue, with an aeronautical theme. I’m making this quilt for him.


Now if only I could lone myself to get all this done.