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Superstar is available at B&N!


Superstar is available at Amazon! Don’t know what the problem is with B&N.



Hello everyone! Superstar is available now at ARe and Smashwords. Not sure why B&N and Amazon are taking so long, but as soon as they’re up I’ll let you know. Remember, both mobi (Amazon) and epub (Everyone else) is available at both Smashwords and ARe, so you don’t have to wait on Amazon or B&N if you don’t want to. Thanks so much for your patience.

Superstar Cover



I know I’ve been promising this forever, but I swear it’s not my fault. These temperamental artists I swear. Y’all have no idea difficult they can be!!! Especially when they’re your husband and work for free!!! LOL Anyway, I love this cover so much. Once you read the book you’ll see how well it captures the spirit of Sioux Dupree. The book should be out no later than the end of the week. I hope to finish my edits today, but I don’t want to promise and then not deliver AGAIN! So, I’ll just share the fabulous cover. Thank y’all so much for your patience. I can so feel your love for my work and it sustains me. Sometimes when I want to give up and just trash all these books on my hard drive, I think of your emails, tweets, etc… and I’m inspired to continue. If you can keep on keeping on, then so can I. Again, thank you so much.






Despite the forces allied against her Grace Adams is determined to become a conductor on the Underground Railroad and also a doctor. She is Eshu, able to shift into any animal form at will, and she knows this ability will help her in her difficult missions. Then one tragic mistake alters the trajectory of her ambition. Grace has not only to demonstrate her ability as a conductor, but also to resist the sensual allure of her passion for Dr. Parker Quinn.

Parker is a stationmaster on the Railroad and resistant to the notion of a woman, especially his woman, engaging in such a dangerous undertaking. But her passion only makes him more determined to have Grace for his own, despite the scandal and the laws against miscegenation.
Although Grace loves him, she doesn’t want to marry. She knows the domineering Dr. Quinn will be even more restrictive than her father, but he won’t be deterred. It will take all of their passion and determination to survive social scorn and legal challenges while they make both their goals come true.

Remember, this is one of the few places you can read about slavecatchers getting their throats ripped out by shapeshifting cheetahs!



Barnes & Noble





But I think my baby really showed out on this cover. I mean, seriously folks. Isn’t it gorgeous? This is a re-release of a book Lisa and I just got the rights back to. I don’t think the links are up yet, but I had to show y’all this cover.

#interracial #multicultural romance #shapeshifter #historical



Santa Baby is available again. Love the new cover the hubby designed. Just in time for Christmas! (snicker) One of my most popular books at a new (lower) price. Enjoy.

#multicultural romance #interracial romance




I’m self-publishing the first Rock Star sequel, in the Rockers of Storm Crow series, Morning Star. It’s got a brand-new cover and to celebrate the upcoming release of the fourth book in the series, Superstar later this month, I’m putting Morning Star and Dark Star on sale for $3.99. If you haven’t already read these fabulous FULL-LENGTH novels, now is the time to get them at a bargain basement price. This sale will be good for five days only, then they’ll return to their regular price of $5.99.

I think the  hubster outdid himself designing this cover, isn’t it just delish? Every time he does one I think it’s his best.


Roslyn and the Anti-Heroine

As y’all know, I’m working feverishly on Superstar as well as a surprise novella. As Sioux’s character comes to fruition I suddenly realized something; I really LIKE anti-heroines. And I’ve written quite a few of them. I think my first one was Lola from Try a Little Tenderness. I still get hate mail from people who are angry at the way she treated poor Koss. Of course, I also get hate mail from people who don’t like Callie from Rock Star, either, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call Callie an anti-heroine. Lola, ex-stripper turned virologist definitely was. Caja from Hot for Teacher is probably my next most commented on heroine. People absolutely loathe her, but I like her a lot. Then, I’ve always been contrary. Andi from Morning Star is another one who has a tendency to raise people’s ire. The very first review I got on that book was a one-star. The reviewer objected to the Biblical quote at the beginning especially given that the first sentence mentioned Harley’s fuckability. Other people objected to her having a one night stand. Interestingly enough, her mother, Minx, was and still is very popular. Isn’t that funny? 

Sioux, the character I’m working on now, is an addict in recovery. She would be Beyonce, if Beyonce went the way of Lindsay Lohan with a dash of Rihanna thrown in. I love this girl like damn and whoa, but I’m thinking y’all might not be feeling her all that much. In fact, she might go down in the Hated Heroines Hall of Hatred (sorry, had to go for the alliteration there). And, as always, I’m sure y’all will let me know about it. 

So what do you guys think? How do you feel about the anti-heroine? Or, am I off-base and these characters aren’t really anti-heroines? Hit me up. Let me know. 


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