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Not too long ago I was on Twitter following a feed from a well-known black female hashtag activist. One of her friends is a well-known transactivist and he was complaining about women not embracing the prefix “cis.” I, of course, hate that term as well, and said so. You would’ve thought I’d said that all trans folk should be shot at dawn. Then I asked why is it that I’m to respect them by calling biological men “women” but they can’t give me the same respect by not prefixing me. I also said that I’ve spent my whole life, nearly fifty years now fighting for my right to be acknowledged as a woman, and nobody is going to prefix me. I am a woman. Full stop. Period. Well, get this, dude, who is a white man, actually told me that as a black woman who has spent my entire life in the Deep South, I have privilege over him! But what makes this whole thing reek of WTF is the fact that the well-known black female hashtag activist agreed with him! I knew then that a certain segment of black womanhood had done what we always do, swallow a whole bunch of crazy pills to jump on the bandwagon with a whole lotta fuckery.

Clutch magazine is constantly publishing sob stories from these so-called transwomen bemoaning their lack of access to women’s bathrooms. They even published an article by a trans woman with the unintentionally ironic title When Nature Calls, A Transgender Woman Must Answer. Uh, dude, if you paid any attention to nature you wouldn’t be “gaffing” your penis every day. Please note when you read the first article that dude had full access to a gender neutral toilet. But no, he had to invade the women’s bathroom. This is not about taking care of bodily needs this is about metaphorical rape, and make no mistake they get their kicks from it. Even worse this demand for access is not limited to toilets. They also want into our locker rooms, sports and women’s shelters. Sometimes with tragic results. I got educated on the true reality behind the trans movement by reading the blog of a radical feminist who goes by the name Gallus Mag. She’s been blogging about these people for four years now, and frankly some of this stuff is absolutely terrifying. If you don’t read but one article on her blog, please start with this one.

Understand that prior to this encounter I rarely gave trans folk any thought. I’ve always been moderately liberal and supported marriage equality and ENDA. I never believed men could turn into women, but I figured if men wanted to run around in dresses and heels who did it hurt? Well, I quickly discovered the answer to THAT question. The first amazing thing I discovered is that all of these men aren’t gay. Some of them are heterosexual and refer to themselves as lesbians. They pursue lesbians aggressively to the point that they’ve come up with the term  “cotton ceiling.” Yes, they are referring to the panties of lesbians. They’re so obsessed with their goal of fucking lesbians that they even had a conference about it. They attack any lesbian who won’t sleep with them. Yes, I know it sounds crazy as hell that men would be upset that LESBIANS don’t want to sleep with them, but when you start off with the premise that men can become women, anything goes. I even ran across a bizarre encounter on Tumblr where one of these men went into a rant about lesbians rejecting penises, because after all, some lesbians have penises. Please continue down this rabbit hole with me, the fucknuttery is oh so deep.

Those of you who are naive as I once was might ask, why so much discussion about penises, these men have had surgery, right? Uh no. The overwhelming majority of these men have not had surgery. And this is why they lose their tiny little minds every time someone asks them about their genitalia. They know that if most people knew this fact they would recognize them for what they are: fetishists. Further, they agitate and advocate for access to women’s spaces for any man who claims to “identify” as a woman. That’s right. No psychiatric diagnosis as transgender. No hormones. And definitely no surgery. And even with hormones these men can still get erections, so that means any guy in a dress can be all up in our private spaces, exposing themselves and worse, and if you say anything about it, you’re transphobic. Classic gas lighting. In fact most of the stuff these guys post have little to differentiate them from what you’d find on one of those awful men’s rights or pick up artists sites. Basically these guys are a fifth column for those groups. I think it’s particularly insidious that black men are the vanguard of this “movement.” America is very comfortable with black men in dresses. They’ve been consuming “the other,” that is, black women, for so long it’s become commonplace. Which is what makes it so dangerous. People assume they’re seeing Madea, but really it’s more like Richard Speck (Who, btw claimed to be trans as well is on a prison video with breasts). If you read the article on Gallus Mag’s blog then you understand that what we have here is a bunch of men with a sexual fetish. Men so sick on porn they receive sexual stimulation from imaging themselves as women.

Essentially they practice sex appropriation and as far as I’m concerned “lady face” is just as offensive as “black face.” They’ve adopted Kimberle Crenshaw’s term “intersectional,” meant to inform the way black women are oppressed by both racism and sexism, to agitate for their inclusion in feminism. Yeah, a feminism that includes men. That makes fuck all sense. Their exploitation of people who have actual disorders like PTSD or are intersex is just as disgusting. See, if you’re a woman you can’t mention things like menstrual cycles or fibroids. It’s much too “triggering” for them. It’s not an accident that they’ve stolen the language used by those who’ve been traumatized by war and other violence. These fuckers have so little shame that they have folk on Tumblr actually putting trigger warnings on posts that discuss women having abortions. See, that’s “trans-exclusionary.” And as for intersex folk, they’re simply tired of being used as a political football while folk debate the undebatable: Human beings, like all mammals are dimorphic with males and females, period. Sure, there are a small number of people with genetic issues, but that doesn’t change that fact. Humans also have two feet. Sure, some people are born without feet, but we don’t make up a term for folks who have two feet so the folk without feet don’t feel “othered.” We don’t need the term “cis” to differentiate the two types of women BECAUSE THERE AREN’T TWO TYPES OF WOMEN.  There are women, and porn-sick men in “lady face.”

Now you might ask, what about the current faces of the trans movement, Laverne Cox and Janet Mock? Lord knows Clutch magazine loves them and claims they’re covering all aspects of “black womanhood” when they do stories about them. Uh, Clutch, stop taking the crazy pills. Any womanhood that includes men is by definition not womanhood at all. Anyway, back to Cox and Mock. Remember that little speech where Cox claimed that the horrific crime of “misgendering” them is an act of violence? Misgendering. The horrific crime of stating the biological fact that a man cannot be a woman. Now, you would think someone so concerned about the “violence” of words would be totally opposed to violence. Uh, not so much. Cox actually supports taxpayer funded transgender surgery for a man who nearly decapitated his wife. And Janet Mock, besides his insistence on referring to women as “fish,” he also refers to an “Underground Railroad” leading children into child prostitution. He further stated that he found being raped as a boy affirming as he was being “treated like a girl.” If that isn’t vomit inducing I don’t know what is.

And I could go on, but Gallus Mag’s blog with her meticulous citations does a better job of shining light on the matter. With some luck and a whole lot of sanity that light will send these people scattering like roaches. At least I hope so.





Today is Loving Day. A celebration in recognition of the 1969 U.S. Supreme Court ruling nullifying anti-miscegenation laws all over the United States. I’m not sure when I first became aware of Loving Day and its significance, but I think it was sometime in the mid-nineties. Certainly I was cognizant of it on December 4, 1999, which was my own “loving day.” The day I married the most honorable man I know, Whit Holcomb. And here’s the thing, on my wedding day my marriage was actually illegal in my home state of Alabama. It was not until 2002 that interracial marriage became legal there, and then only by a 60% margin. Obviously the vote was only pro forma, but still, it still strikes as odd that in my own lifetime people are still struggling with such a basic freedom as the right to choose who you marry.

My own love life has always been a strong influence on the stories I write. No, none of my books are autobiographical, though certainly I’ve written heroes that remind me of my husband. The hero of my latest book Thad Hollister has a lot in common with my husband, so to honor that I’m giving away a copy of Superstar in today’s Loving Day bloghop. Be sure to enter the rafflecopter for your chance to win, and hop over to all the blogs to check out the tremendous array of prizes. Good luck, and always, thank you so much for being a fan.



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My swimsuits arrived last week and I finally got a chance to try them on. I was definitely not disappointed. At this price point ($27 a piece!!!) I expected lightweight flimsy fabric and poor craftsmanship. Nothing is further from the truth. Don’t get me wrong, you’re not going to find the heavyweight Miracle suit material for this price, but for me that’s okay. I basically spend most of my time at the pool running after the kids. Mainly I’m concerned about coverage and not looking like and old woman and these are more than up to the job. I sized up from my usual 16 to an 18, and that was fine for everything except the pink top. I should’ve remembered that I’m short waisted, so that made the top too long for me. I’ll probably send it back and get a smaller size or a different style. I love both bottoms, but the purple stripe is particularly awesome because it’s so high waisted and has the ruching on the side. Really comfortable and great for ye ole muffin top. I love the purple top as well for the same reason. I was worried that it would be too clingy and show too much, but the ruching on the sides does a great job. The polka dot bottoms are absolutely adorbs. They look so flirty and fun peeking out from under the ruffled top. I’m totally annoyed that they don’t carry these suits in the stores, I mean you have to practically go on an excavation to find them on the freaking site! Target is many things, but their website is absolutely appalling.

Cute Plus-Sized Swimsuits

Indeed, my only complaint is: CARRY THE DAMNED THINGS IN THE STORE!!!


Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 1.25.39 PM

IMG_2635 photo copy photo



So Anthropologie? Yeah, to die for. Unfortunately, the prices and sizes are to die for too. I’m just realizing though, that most of their stuff is oversized and they do carry XL, but they sell out quickly. I found this dress, and bought it the first time I saw it. Wore it for date night and Whit’s eyes were just agog. Incredibly figure flattering, nice emphasis on the bosom without being vulgar. And the fabric is even prettier in person. I wear a size 16, and am short-waisted, but the XL fit great. Nice heavy fabric so I know it’ll hold up well. Just perfect.



I’ve been looking for a cute plus size tankini for a while now. Most tankinis ride up exposing the midriff, and I need two pieces because usually I have Kell in the bathroom at the pool and getting totally undressed to pee is so not on. Anyway, I found these on the Target website. (They don’t have them in the stores, and yes, this pisses me the hell off, but whatever.) Cute colors and prints, pinks, purples and a lovely mint. Not that horrible tropical print that they always put on plus size suits. I got this one, with a polka dot bottom. Cute and flirty. The prices are to die for too. I was able to get a couple to mix and match. I have a red card so shipping is free. Mine hasn’t arrived yet, so I’m not sure about fit, and at this price I assume they’re probably pretty flimsy, but the only other place I  found this top with the ruffles all around the back too was at Land’s End and it was $75! And the plus size only came in two colors (black and dark purple grrr!) with no cute print bottoms to match. I found a similar top at Macy’s, but the ruffles don’t go all the way around. I don’t know about you, but I have back fat too!

I know I tell y’all all the time how much I love hearing feedback from you. Finishing Superstar was especially difficult. I returned to work full time in March (yay me!), and with my new obligations I literally was down to writing in five minute increments on my iPad! (Don’t do this, it’s a real pain.) I love this story so much, and have been waiting to tell it forever. Sioux is one of my really flawed characters, but she speaks to me on a level I haven’t experienced in a while. Thad has been my baby forever, I love the geek guys so much. To see that you guys enjoy my books and get what I’m trying to do is like manna from Heaven for me. Love y’all so much, and plan to write as long you guys will read it.

So Sunday I get one of my favorite emails ever. I hurry to Amazon and get my copy of superstar. Frantically I read to the point my tablet stops charging, but I’m so entranced I keep reading on my phone. Finish the story and damnit if I don’t love Thad as much as I do Bryan & Harley. I love this story & enjoyed rooting for Sioux to win get battle. It is nice to root for the flawed heroine who is working hard to stay on track. Thank you for finishing it for us. I gotta say I do love Storm Crow.


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