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I’m putting this here because I can’t save it to my iPad and Kell asks for this song a thousand times a day. There’s a tenner for anyone who knows how to download it.

And I’m so proud of myself. I’ve got the type personality that when I start something I feel compelled to finish it, no matter what. So I thought I’d apply that personality quirk to fitness. And it worked. If you’d told me I could do 175 squats (WITH GOOD FORM) I would have laughed at you, but I did it. So now I”m taking on another challenge 10k steps (that’s five miles) plus squats and pushups. I haven’t done pushups since I hurt my shoulder years ago, so I’ll definitely be doing the modified version. But here we go. I’ll keep y’all posted.


I’ve often wondered why Octavia Butler’s Parable stories have never been optioned for a movie, or at least a series on one of the cable channels, but I just realized why that will probably never happen: It’s too real. Stories where the apocalypse is brought on by nuclear bombs and whatnot is one thing, but one where mankind is brought to its knees by greed and ignorance? Butler was a seer, these stories have such prescience that they should be in ever schools curriculum, which is the very reason they will not. Our society will not go out with a bang, but with a whimper.

Originally posted on Afrofuturism @ UCLA:

After reading “Parable of the Sower” by Octavia Butler I was really struck by the similarities between the world Butler described in her novel and the world as we know it today. It was almost as if I was reading a newspaper describing the day’s events. Walled in neighborhoods, drug addicts, corrupt policemen/women, inefficient government, the repealing of laws that were created to help us progress, no jobs for people, little education, ethnic groups only sticking with their own, skyrocketing prices and so many more examples written by the author felt all too familiar. Was Butler clairvoyant or were these the same events that have happened time and time again? “Parable of the Sower” definitely paints a grim picture about humanity, but was there a hidden message in the novel?

One constant theme in the book that was emphasized was education. Knowledge, education, and knowledge of our history were stressed…

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Yeah, what she said.

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Here’s why you should join (right now) Roslyn Hardy Holcomb’s and my new group, Y’all Better Get You Some:

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Y’all Better Get You Some

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I would suggest that any woman with a Planet Fitness membership find somewhere else to work out because…damn. Any dude who claims to be a woman can use the female locker room? No danger in that, oh no.

Update: Courtesy of Gallus Mag. Turns out old boy wasn’t a trans woman after all. Just a garden variety sexual fetishist all into that “sissy boy” porn shit who stopped by to hang up his bag in the women’s locker room. TWICE. No hormones. No surgery. Just a pornsick dude in fishnets. Now who wants to give me the over and under over whether there was a camera in that bag?


Originally posted on GenderTrender:

Woman frightened by man in women's locker room Woman frightened by man in women’s locker room

A woman in Midlands, Michigan was banned from the Planet Fitness gym and had her membership revoked after she complained of being frightened by a man in the women’s locker room.

Yvette Cormier told news channel WNEMTV5 that she supports LGBT people but that the man in the locker room gave no indication whatsoever of being a transgender person. “This is very unprofessional. It’s very scary”, she said. “I was stunned and shocked. He totally looked like a man. He was not dressed like a woman at all.”

She reported him to Planet Fitness management. “They proceeded to tell me that they have to embrace whatever sex somebody thinks they are.” She was told by management that Planet Fitness policy allows any male who “self-reports” an internal “female identity” the right to access areas of public nudity which are sex-segregated for the…

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So Lisa and I were interviewed over at Smart Girls Love SciFi. Y’all really need to go over and check it out. We talk about our three Eshu Books; Stolen, Given and the contemporary, Rumors of Wars and the upcoming sequel, Acts of Wars.

Originally posted on Smart Girls love SciFi:


Roslyn Hardy Holcomb and Lisa G. Riley are two writers of steamy, smart, sophisticated interracial and multicultural romances. As a team, they write the ESHU CHRONICLES historical paranormal romances and RUMORS OF WARS, a dark, gritty urban fantasy. As a fan of both individual authors, I was pleased to find them working together. Both were gracious enough to take time out of their busy schedules to answer a few questions and talk about upcoming projects.

RK: What was your path to writing and why did you choose romance?

Roslyn: I’ve been a writer for more or less my entire life, though primarily in nonfiction. I’ve also been a romance reader since I was nine years old. I started writing romances because I liked interracial romances, and at the time, 2002, they were very scarce on the ground.

Lisa: I’ve been writing since about the age of nine, but reading since…

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Blackface & Drag


As much as I adore RuPaul, I cannot deny that drag is both misogynistic and sexist as all hell. Just because gay men are an oppressed group doesn’t mean they’re incapable of oppressing others.

Originally posted on A FreudianNightmare:

While mainstream feminism cycles through its regular intervals of outrage about blackface (every Halloween) and cultural appropriation (every time Urban Outfitters puts another model in a headdress), it never seems to think critically about drag. Despite major thinkers in both feminist and queer theory– e.g. bell hooks and Judith Butler– being critical of it the topic has not seemed to capture the attention of mainstream feminists or the mainstream LGBTQ community. [ft 1]

Blackface and minstrel shows may be relics of history, but female characters lampooned on stage by men are not. Drag is a highly celebrated tradition in gay culture and is relatively well-accepted by the mainstream. It is often said in today’s “social justice” discourse that oppressions can not be compared, especially not racism and sexism. We are warned that to do so might erase their “unique histories” or demean the suffering of, for example, black men. It…

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Mala pretty much summed up everything I have to say about the fuckery that is Sleepy Hollow these days. They’re so impressed with their “surprise” fall finale. Gee, they killed the black guy. A trope so common it’s now fodder for every third rate hack out there. And I will never watch another show with a redheaded woman in it. What.the.Fuck is with these writers and the gingers!?! They fucked up Grimm the same way. Hell, they’ve got Katrina in a goddamned corset. Call me crazy, but I would imagine any woman brought two hundred years into the future would drop the corset ASAP. These helpless damsels in distress give me a jock itch. Seriously.

Originally posted on bad necklace: not quite pearls of wisdom:

Jenny-Abbie-Irving “Are we allowed to be here? Should we leave?”

As FOX’s sophomore supernatural hit Sleepy Hollow breaks for midseason, it seems to have taken the “hollow” part of its moniker to heart. The show that surprised and charmed millions of viewers in the fall of 2013 with its combination of solid character work, whimsy and genuinely creepy lore — cinched by the chemistry of leads Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison — has lost its soul in its second year, becoming a rote, tiresome exploration of Crane family pathos.

Looking at an interview with TVLine, it appears that executive producer Mark Goffman may have no idea why that’s a problem. “One of the things I think we’ve looked at over the course of the season is what a really difficult position Katrina’s been in,” he says, going on to talk about how “this season is really about family, redemption and…

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For Your Weekend Enjoyment


Y’all better have some.

Originally posted on Lisa G.

Given_8x12 (2)This is a re-issue, but it’s still awesome! Get your copy for the weekend! Beautiful cover by Mr. Whitney Holcomb!

As a member of Eshu, those who can shift into any animal at will, Jacob Adams is used to knowing and getting what he wants. And when he meets Mary Katherine Day as they work together on the Underground Railroad, he not only knows that she’s going to be his wife, but he expects her to accept her fate willingly. A businesswoman of independent means, Mary Katherine has no interest in marrying, which to her mind is bondage only slightly less vile than the slavery she works so hard to help others escape. Jacob embarks on a campaign to lure her into his bed by awakening her virginal body to the delights to be found there. Though she struggles against her sensual nature, Mary Katherine eventually succumbs to the irresistible…

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I’ve always had a problem with the phrase “sex worker.” I’ve used it in an attempt to be more respectful toward those who are paid money for sex. But I realize now that my effort was misguided because in my effort to respect the people, I also gave credence to the act and I have no desire to do that. Prostitution is horrific and deadly and I never want to sanitize or clean it up in any way. I will not call a woman a prostitute, as that takes away her humanity. I’m going to have to work on a new term, but I’m not there yet.

Originally posted on Not The News in Briefs:

This week the story of Ched Evans, the Sheffield United footballer convicted of rape, has been all over the news. Debate has been centred around whether on release from prison he should get his old job back, and the feminist position has been largely that no, he shouldn’t: as a highly-paid footballer he has a privileged position as a role model to young people, especially boys, and his reinstatement would be to minimise the damage he has done and to reinforce a structural misogyny within football. There is broad agreement amongst feminists that the message this would send out would be detrimental to women as a whole.

Judging from the accounts of the case I have read, the 19 year-old victim was picked up in a drunken state by a man who then texted his friend that he’d ‘got a bird’. She was then taken to a pre-booked hotel room…

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