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LogoQuestion, how many of y’all (readers and authors) use Audible or some other audiobook system? I’ve pretty much reached my saturation point of learning software, and the thought of having to hire readers and such makes my eyes cross. I’m seriously unable to can at this point, but if I have a lot of readers who like audiobooks it might be worth the trouble. Hit me up in the comments to let me know, and if you use something other than Audible let me know that too. Thanks.


Before I go to bed each night, I put a big bottle of water on my nightstand. I drink it during the night, and finish it off first thing in the morning so I get a good start on meeting my water goal for the day. (Full disclosure, that picture is NOT my nightstand, it’s Whit’s. His nightstand has four things on it, mine looks like a goat exploded). Anyway, I also like a cup of chamomile tea before bed. So I have a minimum of two beverages on a wooden nightstand. And yes, I’ve ruined many over the years. You see that lovely glass round under that glass?That’s a glass cutting board, repurposed as an extra-large coaster. Get this, I found them at the dollar store. They’re only about 8” across so they’re much too small for a cutting board, anyway, but they make an excellent coaster. Reasonably attractive and they have little rubber feet so if any water gets underneath it’ll dry without ruining your furniture. I bought like five of them, never know when they’ll come in handy. I’ll keep one under the carafe I keep on the dining room table and vases too so when I refill I don’t have to worry about water rings. Yay me!


I’m registered, are you? I need all the help I can get on getting stuff DONE!!!

Guys Who Sound Black


Like pretty much the entire universe I’ve been enthralled by the series Serial on npr. One of the most intriguing aspects of this story to me is the way Adnan Syed, the “star” of the series sounds. Though he’s Pakistani/American and son of immigrant parents on the radio he sounds like a black man. And when I say “sounds like a black man” I don’t mean in the stereotypical pseudo gangsta hip-hop way. Or using AAVE, which is almost universally off-putting. No, this is something more in a rhythm of speaking, tonal inflections and syntax. Some non-blacks try to do it, but much like southern accents, many try, but very few succeed. Even Robert Downey Jr.’s hilarious turn in Tropic Thunder didn’t quite master it, but then again he was playing an Australian who was playing a black guy, so he was being funny on purpose.

I’ve encountered people who speak this way before but oddly enough it’s almost universally non-black men. I don’t recall hearing a non-black woman who “sounds” black, but I’m sure it happens. Of course, there’s always Hillary Clinton’s embarrassing attempt during the 2008 primaries. Listening to Adnan made me curious as to how common this phenomenon is.

I listen to the radio a lot, and I remember when President Obama nominated Arne Duncan to be Secretary of Education. I listened to Duncan on npr and assumed he was a black man. It wasn’t until months later that I realized my error. (And looking at his picture, I still wasn’t sure.) Lisa, who lives in Chicago, told me that his mother had run an education program in low-income neighborhoods and had taken Arne with her, so his formative years were spent primarily around black kids.

I can definitely see that happening, but it’s odd to me that when these guys are no longer are no longer in a black environment they don’t stop speaking that way. Or maybe they do. I suppose it’s even possible that they “code switch” much like black people do. Though, if that were the case you’d think Duncan would do so when talking to the press, but he doesn’t.

Have you met people who “sound black?” How do you feel about it? Does it make you wonder about their background? If you’re a black woman, are you put off by non-black men who “sound black” when they approach you romantically?


Y’all have no idea how much I’m looking forward to this book! I’ve got a crazy week ahead of me and can’t read it until the weekend, but I’m buying it as soon as Loose Id lets it drop tonight!!! Sharon is the best writer ever, and I love the Roaring Twenties like damn and whoa!!!

The Reed Files


Interracial Couple1678

For those of you looking for fabulous multicultural/interracial images for book covers don’t sleep The Reed Files. Taria has great pictures and her prices are totally reasonable. She has some pre-made covers and does custom shoots and design too. 







My swimsuits arrived last week and I finally got a chance to try them on. I was definitely not disappointed. At this price point ($27 a piece!!!) I expected lightweight flimsy fabric and poor craftsmanship. Nothing is further from the truth. Don’t get me wrong, you’re not going to find the heavyweight Miracle suit material for this price, but for me that’s okay. I basically spend most of my time at the pool running after the kids. Mainly I’m concerned about coverage and not looking like and old woman and these are more than up to the job. I sized up from my usual 16 to an 18, and that was fine for everything except the pink top. I should’ve remembered that I’m short waisted, so that made the top too long for me. I’ll probably send it back and get a smaller size or a different style. I love both bottoms, but the purple stripe is particularly awesome because it’s so high waisted and has the ruching on the side. Really comfortable and great for ye ole muffin top. I love the purple top as well for the same reason. I was worried that it would be too clingy and show too much, but the ruching on the sides does a great job. The polka dot bottoms are absolutely adorbs. They look so flirty and fun peeking out from under the ruffled top. I’m totally annoyed that they don’t carry these suits in the stores, I mean you have to practically go on an excavation to find them on the freaking site! Target is many things, but their website is absolutely appalling.

Cute Plus-Sized Swimsuits

Indeed, my only complaint is: CARRY THE DAMNED THINGS IN THE STORE!!!




So Anthropologie? Yeah, to die for. Unfortunately, the prices and sizes are to die for too. I’m just realizing though, that most of their stuff is oversized and they do carry XL, but they sell out quickly. I found this dress, and bought it the first time I saw it. Wore it for date night and Whit’s eyes were just agog. Incredibly figure flattering, nice emphasis on the bosom without being vulgar. And the fabric is even prettier in person. I wear a size 16, and am short-waisted, but the XL fit great. Nice heavy fabric so I know it’ll hold up well. Just perfect.



I’ve been looking for a cute plus size tankini for a while now. Most tankinis ride up exposing the midriff, and I need two pieces because usually I have Kell in the bathroom at the pool and getting totally undressed to pee is so not on. Anyway, I found these on the Target website. (They don’t have them in the stores, and yes, this pisses me the hell off, but whatever.) Cute colors and prints, pinks, purples and a lovely mint. Not that horrible tropical print that they always put on plus size suits. I got this one, with a polka dot bottom. Cute and flirty. The prices are to die for too. I was able to get a couple to mix and match. I have a red card so shipping is free. Mine hasn’t arrived yet, so I’m not sure about fit, and at this price I assume they’re probably pretty flimsy, but the only other place I  found this top with the ruffles all around the back too was at Land’s End and it was $75! And the plus size only came in two colors (black and dark purple grrr!) with no cute print bottoms to match. I found a similar top at Macy’s, but the ruffles don’t go all the way around. I don’t know about you, but I have back fat too!


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