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Help Me Find This Bookcase


I love this bookcase like damn and whoa. It’s perfect for Luke’s room. Problem is, I can’t find the darned thing, or even anything similar. His room is really tiny and the bookcase with drawers would be perfect beside his bed. And he really, really needs drawers beside his bed. Otherwise I find Legos and other teeny tiny toys IN his bed. Have you seen anything similar? I don’t care about the color as I can always paint it. Apparently the original is some custom interior design deal that probably cost more than my house. I’ve thought about making them, but I’m not good enough to build drawers, so I need to find something like it. Any ideas?


Yeah, 100% red oak, handmade in Buffalo NY. We’re going to remove the top and replace it with some old oak reclaimed wood to make a farmhouse table. We’re so excited. $250! The bench alone is worth that! And I’ve never seen Windsor arrow backs with arms before. Might be hosting Thanksgiving this year. Come on down. 

So Much Pretty…



…It hurts the eyes. So we went to a lovely wedding up at Sewanee the last weekend of July. And my boys had the time of their lives as you can see. Kell was in his element. He is such a showman. Luke was delighted to spend so much time with his cousins.

Then, of course, you get the emerging pre-adolescent. Not sure what Whit did to the boy (Probably “embarrassed” him. You know how horrifying having parents is.) but he was NOT having it.


IMG_2635 photo copy photo



Yep, bona fide Herman Miller chair (retails for approximately $800) I got it for $200. Mainly wanted it because it’s mesh all over and I’m reaching an age when I need as much air circulation as possible. I’ve learned to call ahead the moment I see it on the site, because I missed out on two previous chairs. This one is awesome though.


Scarf Storage



So last year I had the joy of finally getting my linen closet organized. It was absolutely thrilling. (Yes, I know I need a life). This year I’ve decided to organize my scarf storage. Odd as it might seem for someone who is not into clothes, but I absolutely LOVE scarves. I’ve got a ton of them. I used them hang them on the back of my closet door in my old house. They were like art and made me happy happy. We have those yucky bifold doors in this house, so now they’re crammed in drawers. I forget to use them because I can’t see them anymore.

I’ve been pinning some ideas in Pinterest that I like. As always it has to be relatively easy and most importantly, CHEAP. I really like this one. They used these cheap rods you can get at Ikea and simply tied the scarves to it. I don’t want it out in my room and my closet is too small. So I’ve got to find somewhere to hang them.



I like this one too, but with the scarves all balled up they’ll wrinkle (which is one of the things I hate about having them in drawers). It’s more flexible and I can literally configure the cups around a wall in my closet. So I dunno. Anyone have any ideas?



photo 1 copy

For reasons I don’t even begin to understand, it’s almost impossible to find boy sewing patterns. It was Colonial Day at Luke’s school and he needed a Colonial boy costume. Normally I wouldn’t have heard about this until the day before, but for some reason this time I had advance notice. So I began looking around the internet for the makings for said costume. Well the pickings were very slim, though I did laugh my southern ass off at this blogger. I don’t know what that school was thinking expecting costumes in April. April? By April of a school year my kids are lucky if they’re fed and bathed.

I got most of my ideas from this blogger. Luke had a pair of pants that were worn through at the knee so I cut them off and made knickers per her instructions. I also did the shirt as well. I was lucky to find a tuxedo shirt at the thrift store and I just cut the cuffs off and put elastic in the sleeves. I didn’t like her idea of making a vest out of a t-shirt. Originally I had planned to just buy some fleece and make a vest from this pattern I got from this blogger. I’ve used the pattern a lot, and probably would’ve just made it longer and sewed on some buttons to make it fancy. Fleece is very forgiving and there’s no hemming involved. But since I had some time I decided to cut down a sports coat to make a vest. I liked this idea because Luke has at least one more year to wear the costume, and of course, I can use the same with Kell. This is the jacket I started with. I got it in the smallest size I could find at the thrift store.

photo 1

Using the Frontier vest pattern, I traced the Frontier vest pattern on my sports coat.

photo 2

As you can see here.

photo 3

Then I cut it out.

photo 4

Now here’s where things got tricky. Initially I’d hoped to find a nice heavy weight wool that I could just rip the lining out of, but my thrift store is kind of lame, so I had to settle for this one. The fabric was really too flimsy to take the lining out, so I had to deal with the neckline and the armholes. I folded the raw edges under and topstitched them on the machine. If it had been a real jacket instead of a costume, I probably would’ve done this by hand using a blind hemstitch. But for a costume, all that hand sewing was unnecessary.

photo 5

I had to fuss a bit with the lapels, so the project took longer than I’d initially anticipated, eventually I just tacked them down with a few hand stitches to keep them in place. His socks were not long enough, next year when I do the pants I’ll make them longer. It was impossible to find longer socks, and I ran out of time because the baby got sick. What do y’all think?

Kid’s Room


Look what I did with $16 worth of Ikea spice racks! Way cool, huh?



My mama was an absolutely phenomenal cook, but baking was her passion. She worked nearly all her life as a domestic or a restaurant cook. Her favorite cookbook came out in 1971, and it was her go-to for many, many years. Her pound cake recipe, which is so rich because it’s got eight eggs in it, came from that book. As did her caramel cake and my favorite praline cake. She gave me the book before she died, but, of course, after forty years of hard use, it was in less than pristine condition. It’s a Southern Living cookbook, but it was long out of their backlist. Well, I found it on Amazon the other day. I immediately ordered two copies; one for me and one for my niece. Now I can keep the one my mama gave me in my treasure box. I want to have it framed. And I’ll use this one. Flipping through the pages was like a trip down Memory Lane. So many late nights with me greasing and flouring pans for her. Perfect cakes all golden and delicious. Caramel cake has always been my favorite, but I’ve never made one. I think I will make my first one for Luke’s birthday next week.

Baby Bunnies

So Sunday Whit was mowing the grass and inadvertantly disturbed a bunny nest. We like to let the grass in the backyard get high in the spring to give cover to the birds and other wildlife, and we’d seen the mama rabbit around so we knew there was a nest but we couldn’t find it. Whit looked carefully, but this rabbit had built her nest under the playset, and he didn’t see it. The babies are okay. We restored the nest as best we could, but the high grass was gone. Fortunately the mama did come back and they’re fine, but keeping Luke out of the backyard is darned near impossible. I’m trying not to traumatize them any further, but he wants to check on them every day. Rabbits are very high strung and if they’re stressed they won’t eat. Luke’s soccer rebounder is right near the playset, so the poor little things are not in the best location. I was hoping she would move them, but she didn’t. Rabbits wean pretty rapidly and with any luck they’ll be gone soon.


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