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Yes, ladies, we’re under assault once again, and this one has the power to totally destroy us. We’ve got an issue right now with fake books flooding the IR marketplace. These books are not real books, and the authors aren’t black women. The pictures on the author pages are from stock photo sites. This is a deliberate attempt to exploit the marketplace we’ve built. They’re stealing stories from free sites like Literotica slapping an interracial cover on it and uploading it. They’re bad, sometimes even racist stories. They’re putting them in BWWM category because “jungle fever” is hot right now. If it’s in Kindle Unlimited with BWWM featured prominently you can almost guarantee it’s counterfeit. Use Google Image to google the author’s picture. More likely than not, it’s from a stock site. I’ve spent so much time looking at stock photos of black women I recognize almost all of them immediately.

Amazon pays by the borrow in Kindle Unlimited, or at least they did until recently, so it doesn’t matter if the reader finished the book or not. Meanwhile our genre is flooded with this subpar racist filth making it look as though we created it. And you just know these are the books review sites will pick up to review so they can continue their claim that black folk can’t write. Further, these books are pushed up on the Amazon algorithm meaning no one even gets to see real interracial romance stories. When you put BWWM in the search on Amazon all you get is hundreds of pages of this crap. This is costing us major sales. Major. Please, please go on Amazon and tag these counterfeit stories and complain to Amazon about the way its readers are being ripped off. As an author Amazon won’t let me do it. Thank you so much. And help me save our beloved genre.

With the internet blowing up with stories about Cecil the Zimbabwean lion slaughtered by that monstrous dentist in Texas Minnesota (my bad, I stand corrected) I got my National Geographic yesterday and there was story about taxidermy. I’ve always found the practice creepy. Seriously, I don’t want anything dead in my house, but understand it serves a role. Anyway, this was one of the pictures in the story. Okay, I can comprehend that there are people who love the “thrill of the hunt.” Though how challenging could shooting a giraffe be? How the hell could you miss the thing? But why in the hell would you want to bring dead animals back to your house? I love animals, and I grew up in the country where men routinely hunted deer and birds for food. I have no beef with either of those. Those people were always very responsible, and the fees they pay in licensing and such help the state maintain the wildlife. With deer in particular, they’d be overpopulated and most likely starve if there was no responsible hunting, but why would anyone want to live in a house with the bodies of the animals they’ve killed. The dude in this picture is from Texas too, and he claims his hunts helps with conservation, and maybe it does, but damn if it doesn’t seem sick as all hell to me.


Y’all know what to do. Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 12.21.57 PM

*Term created by Moya Bailey.


Creflo Dollar wants a new airplane. I must say, I don’t blame him. I blame his congregation. I got into a huge argument with an (ex) friend who attended his church. He went on and on about how no one would follow a pastor who wasn’t prosperous himself. Hmmm, I dunno, but it seems to me that the founder of Christianity was an unemployed carpenter, who as far as we know owned nothing. It’s not the man, it’s the Word, and if the Word isn’t strong enough that’s on you. I also know that the one act of violence that man is recorded having committed involved kicking moneychangers out of the Temple. I don’t know about you, but the notion of putting the words prosperity and Gospel together sounds blasphemous as all get out to me. I went to a church with a friend when I first moved to Atlanta and they had ATMs in the lobby. I was like, “Oh heck no. I’m not going in there.” It makes me wonder if any of these people have even heard of the Gospels, let alone read them.

I don’t ever want to attend a church that has 20k members. That tells me straight up that the pastor isn’t challenging the congregation. At its core Christianity is a resistance movement. 20k people aren’t going to join a resistance movement it’s too much work. A church with 20k members isn’t a church, it’s a social club. If a pastor is truly preaching the Gospel half his congregation is going to be mad at him on a regular basis. Not following his every word like lemmings off a cliff. Being a Christian should be hard, it shouldn’t be a a part of a socially accepted norm. It should push you outside the boundaries. It should push you to think. To question. Churches that do that don’t have 20k members.

Because Christianity is a resistance movement, it runs counter to human nature. Think about it for a moment, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Note, no exceptions are given for race, creed, color or running the leaf blower at 7:00 a.m. You have to love him. That means if your neighbor is hungry you must feed him. If he’s sick you must nurse him. Again, no exceptions for whether your neighbor is an addict, or irresponsible or smells bad. That’s pretty radical and if this were truly a Christian nation there would be no hungry, or homeless people. If we did what Jesus actually said it would hurt like hell, which is why we don’t do it. And because Christianity is a resistance movement the notion of a “Christian nation” should be an anathema. Resistance movements by their very nature don’t build nations. Christians should be marginalized. Shunned. Because what Christians believe and practice should be so radical it scares the living hell out of people. And that is the point.

One of the most amazing services I ever attended was at the Episcopal church. It was an Easter service and yes it had all the pretty rituals with the censer and all. But at the end the priest bellowed, “Jesus said, ‘Tend my sheep.’ You’re Christians now go out there and act like it!” Then he doused us in holy water and sent us out to do our job.

See, it’s easy for people to come out against gay marriage and abortion and all these so-called “social issues.” That appeals to our baser nature, our need to look down on someone, to be better than others. “you’re going to hell,” we say with a wag of our finger. “I’m saved,” we taunt with the same smugness of an eight year old who snagged the last popsicle. There’s a song with a chorus that says, “You will know we are Christians by our love.” That’s what Christianity is all about, love. And not this soft, soap operary emotion we trot out for the commercial holidays. Love is powerful. Love is strong. Radical love that can move the world. We are known by who we love, not who we shun.

Being a Christian means going outside societal norms and embracing that which is shunned. Advocating for the poor and downtrodden, eschewing material wealth and goods. Being a Christian doesn’t mean being mindless and unquestioning. We must question eveything, but most of all, we must question ourselves. Because the greatest struggle a Christian faces is within himself. And that battle is continuous and ongoing. That is why being a Christian is hard.

And this is why following the likes of Creflo Dollar is so easy. 

“If this is going to be a Christian nation that doesn’t help the poor, either we have to pretend that Jesus was just as selfish as we are, or we’ve got to acknowledge that He commanded us to love the poor and serve the needy without condition and then admit that we just don’t want to do it.”
― Stephen Colbert


I severely curtail my kid’s television watching. They can watch on the weekend’s only and even then I carefully monitor their shows. Cartoon Network has always been off-limits. I don’t like the smart-alecky kids, the sarcasm and I hate all the darned commercials. Okay, so somehow Luke got Uncle Grandpa by me this weekend when I wasn’t paying attention and then I saw this character; Mr. Gus. At first I thought I was tripping that dude looks like a caricature in black green face. Then I heard him speak. Dude sounds like he just graduated from Amos and Andy University. He makes Jar Jar Binks look like Marcus Garvey. So yes, I had to show my son this crap so he could understand why it’s unacceptable.

What I don’t understand is why? In 2015 why is it that a Cartoon Network would green light such a character and furthermore why would anyone think it was funny? Why are people’s imaginations so limited that the best they can come up with is some shit from Birth of a Nation and Gone With the Wind. White folk complain all the time that black people bring up race all the time. You know what, you have NO IDEA how tired I am of having this conversation. I’m particularly tired of having this conversation with my kid. Having to filter and analyze everything you watch and read with a critical eye is absolutely exhausting. Problem is, I can’t stop bringing it up, because you won’t. I’ll be damned if you’ll destroy my child with the monstrous crime against humanity that is white supremacy.

A Clarification

Since another author has taken it upon herself to spread lies and unfounded rumors about me, I thought it prudent to make a statement in regard to the matter.

A while back I did a blog post about the “columbusing” of IR/MC romance. An author in another genre who knows nothing about the romance community has chosen to make an unfounded attack on me for that post. This author knows nothing about the racism/white supremacy black authors have experienced for more than three decades in this genre. She knows nothing about the blatant appropriation of authors like Suzanne Brockmann who take credit for a genre black women have been nurturing longer than she has been alive.
As for my comment on Gallus Mag’s blog about trans women, she also knows nothing about a conversation that ran to more 300 comments. If you read that thread you will see that this was a lengthy conversation relating to an article by a trans woman concerned about the activities of his fellow trans women. This other author’s assertion that I called a trans woman a gay boy is total bullshit as well. As for shooting a random trans woman on sight, again a load of nonsense. I was making a hyperbolic comment about a specific trans woman who gets a fetishistic kick from hanging out in women’s spaces. And my comment pertained to the fact that many women are feeling endangered by the trans notion that any man who says he is a woman is in fact a woman and should be treated accordingly.
If you want to know more about my opinion about trans women and the concerns I have about them, please don’t hesitate to read my post, Stop Taking Crazy Pills.


And what word is that word? Sex Trafficking. Think about it. When you hear the word sex trafficking, do you think about some poor girl in a foreign country forced by her circumstances into porn/prostitution commercial rape? I’ll bet you do, because that’s the image we’ve been fed, essentially forever. Did you know that commercial rape is a 9.5 BILLION dollar a year industry in THIS COUNTRY? Did you know the average victim age is 13-14? Did you know that one in three teen runaways will be lured into commercial rape within 48 hours of leaving home? These aren’t poor kids “over there,” you know in those fucked up countries where something bad is always happening. Nope, this is right here in the United States.

Top Twenty Cities for Human Trafficking

• El Paso
• Los Angeles
• Atlanta
• Chicago
• Charlotte
• Miami
• Las Vegas
• New York
• Long Island
• New Orleans
• Washington, D.C.
• Philadelphia
• Phoenix
• Richmond
• San Diego• San Francisco
• St Louis
• Seattle
• Tampa

Were you surprised by any of those? Richmond? Seriously? Charlotte? Who’da thunk? Yeah, there are some surprises there, for those who aren’t paying attention. I live in Atlanta. I can leave my house right now and find a prostituted girl in less than thirty minutes. I bet you could too, if you’re paying attention.

Of course, it’s easy to dismiss prostitution, after all, most people don’t buy sex, or do they? What about the other arm of commercial rape? That which we call porn. I won’t go into all lamentations about the horrors of porn, after all, we know them, don’t we? We know that most of the women participating in commercial rape have been sexually abused and are addicted to one or more drugs and/or alcohol. But there’s that little word, consent. Oh yes. They consent. So let’s talk about consent, shall we? Can someone who has been beaten, raped and strung out on drugs, really consent to anything? What about the notion that commercial rape is just like any other job? We even use that despicable euphemism, sex work, as though commercial rape could ever be defined in such a way. Even a despised employer like Wal-Mart couldn’t get away with treating their workers the way women in commercial rape are treated. What if Wal-Mart took advantage of dope sick workers and forced them to work in violation of acceptable work standards? Yeah, Wal-Mart’s been boycotted to hell and back for considerably less.

And you might say, oh, it’s just sex. Have you looked at porn lately? I know I hadn’t, and it has been an eye-opening experience. Did you know that 40% of commercial rape videos feature ATM. What’s ATM? Trust it has nothing to do with a cash machine, it’s ass-to-mouth. In other words, anal sex followed by fellatio with no washing in between. Does that sound like “just sex” to you? Could Wal-Mart force their workers to literally eat shit? Do I have to tell you how lethal such a practice can be? Is there any employer in this country who could get away with such a thing?  I would say, no. Yet, this is routine in today’s video commercial rape. Why is that okay?

Things that used to be ‘fringe” are mainstream in a way you could not imagine. Almost all video commercial rape features violence, some of it extreme violence. Such as deliberately ejaculating in a woman’s eyes. I just want you think about how painful, not to mention dangerous such an activity can be. And think about the person who is sitting at home masturbating to such a visual. Do you want to be within a hundred yards of such a person? I know damned well I wouldn’t. After all, they wouldn’t make this if it wasn’t profitable. The producers of commercial rape videos are very clear on the fact that they make these videos for men who hate women. That the typical consumer is getting revenge for all the women he couldn’t have. And let us not forget, these women are raped, brutalized and drug-addled in the extreme.

Now back to that word sex trafficking. The typical sex trafficking victim in this country isn’t from some godforsaken foreign place. They’re typically from neighborhoods like yours and mine. We can’t dismiss this as something that’s somebody else’s problem. We have to make a decision, what do we care more about, our children or a porn sick freak’s ability to beat off to violence and debasement?  We can no longer dismiss this as something that happens to other people, or buy into claims that it’s “sex work” and the myth of consent. That dialogue only benefits the rapists and the procurers, nobody else. It certainly doesn’t help prostituted women and children.  You may choose to ignore the issue, but  you can no longer say you didn’t know.

I can’t believe I even have to say this, but here goes, Henceforth and into perpetuity Sally Hemings, indeed, ALL MY ANCESTORS, are off-limits as fodder for your pathetic little stroke books. The fact that anyone could defend the “publishing” of BDSM erotica book about Thomas Jefferson and his pedophiliac rape of a 14 year old child who was his wife’s sister and whom he happened to own is beyond my comprehension. And just for those who apparently have no grasp of history, and apparently think Jefferson in Paris was a documentary or something let’s clear a few things up:

This was NO love connection. How the hell can a “relationship between a 14 year old slave and her 45 year old master be classified as anything other than rape is sick as all hell.

And I can’t believe I even have to say this, but Jefferson never married Hemings. Indeed he never even freed her or her children as he promised. Jefferson was broke as hell by the time he died, also, manumitted slaves were not allowed to remain in Virginia, so he put his comforts and his wallet (for once) above any truth or honesty.

Hemings left no diary. Most of everything we know about her was told by her son Madison Hemings who referred to her as Jefferson’s “concubine,” with all the baggage that word implies. There was certainly no declaration of love or any type of feelings for this man from her, or her from him. Basically she was a convenience as he’d promised his wife he’d not marry again. She had a horror of her children being subjected to a stepmother.

And just in case you don’t comprehend why this is wrong let me be clear, it’s racist, it’s pedophiliac, and it’s absolutely nauseating. Stop it. Jenny Trout has launched a campaign to have the book pulled, a campaign I support with every fiber of my being. And since some have accused Jenny of being matronly toward black women, as a black woman I will stand up for myself and for my ancestors. Step the hell off or live to regret it.

***The use of the term “ignorant slut” is an old pop culture reference that most people around these days are probably too young to remember. It’s from a Saturday Night Live sketch which was a spoof of an old Shana Alexander/James Kilpatrick segment on 60 Minutes called Point/Counterpoint. Regular readers know I use the term quite a bit on my blog and direct it toward both men and women, but it has been pointed out to me, it was thoughtless of me to assume that everyone is in on the joke.


As y’all know I love Apartment Therapy like damn and whoa. I check in there several times a day and have found lots of good projects there. Therefore, imagine my surprise when I came across this project. It’s cute, and something I might have done, but when I read the copy which drips with rampant disgust and disparages our genre, I seriously wanted nothing further to do with the asshats that run that site. I know people love to put down romance, despite the fact that it’s the most popular genre out there. Usually I pay the pretentious fuckers no attention, but this is absolutely absurd. No way in hell would they have done the same to horror or SFF writers. It’s couldn’t be more neanderthal if it had hair on its back and, yeah, it pissed me the fuck off.

So the other day I was watching some TV show the name of which I don’t recall, but it was about women in unusual situations. These three women were a Hasidic Jewish rock band (You can see why I was enthralled). Anyway, in keeping with their traditions, they can only perform in front of an all-female audience. They were having a bear of a time booking gigs, and I didn’t get to see all of the show, but it got me to thinking. How cool would it be to actually have events that were only for women?

It seems that everywhere we go as women we are subject to harassment by creepy ass men. When I was younger I was hugely into basketball and loved nothing better than hanging out with my friends at a local sports bar, hoisting a few brews and watching the game. With much trash talking, natch. Well, nine times out of ten we couldn’t get through the game without some guy (or guys) bothering us. No matter how much we ignored them, there they were. Indeed, some of my friends preferred to hang out at gay bars for that very reason. I didn’t like the vibe there because quiet as it’s kept gay men can be just as misogynistic as straight guys. Hell, if I was going to be treated like crap I might as well get a free drink for my trouble.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to rescue a friend from a guy who got too handsy, and I actually had to punch a dude in the face once for grabbing my ass. Seriously? Who needs this kind of grief?

I doubt anyone will be opening a women’s only bar anytime soon. Indeed even lesbian bars are quickly becoming a thing of the past, but I think it would be awesome if Ladies Night could somehow actually be just for women. No worrying about being roofied, or going to the toilet in pairs to avoid harassment. Just a night of great music or sports with some friends.


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