*Nov 06 - 00:05*

And I want to know why my life and horrific death is not worthy of media coverage. Being ex-military this story is particularly poignant to me. Five years ago four Marines raped and slaughtered a couple in San Diego, California, a major news market. What should make this story particularly newsworthy is that the couple killed was their senior officer and his wife. And given the brouhaha over the recent Cheerios commercial the fact that they were an interracial couple should have provided an even more interesting angle. There is much hue and cry about military rapes these days which should also have given the story legs. They were a young attractive couple. He a native of Poland who chose to serve this country in the Corps. She was actually writing thank you notes to the attendees at the wedding. This story is just brimming over with pathos. The type of stuff news organizations generally love. In fact this story had so many triggers that it should’ve been on a continuous loop on both Nancy Grace and Dateline. Yet, it was not and there are only two reasons: The victim was a black woman and the perpetrators were black men.

Instead there was absolute radio silence. The only place I’ve read about this case is on BWE blogs. It was an obvious hate crime whereby this couple was killed viciously and with malice aforethought for no other crime than being an interracial couple. I can understand why the prosecutor chose not to designate it so, but the news media failing to cover the story is chilling. Our deaths are not worthy of mentioning if the perpetrator is black and that’s got to change NOW. The media is complicit in their indifference and I want to know why.

Gina McCaulley of What About Our Daughters has declared Quiana Jenkins-Pietrezak Week on her blog whereby we will hold the news media accountable for this blackout. Do me a solid and follow up on her blog. The first step is to identify members of the media who routinely cover these type cases. We’ll be listing those ¬†on Wednesday, then we will politely ask those reporters why they dropped the ball.