I’m going to keep this brief because I’m so angry I’m shaking and when I get this angry it’s difficult for me to keep my language clean. In Volume #567 of the Treat Black Women/Girls Like a Fucking Zoo Exhibit Chronicles, this woman decided to attack Zahara Jolie-Pitt, a freaking four-year-0ld, about her hair! First, regardless of who her parents are, this is a little girl, a child. Why is it that the hand’s off policies that apparently applies to the Palin daughters and Miley Cyrus don’t also apply to her? 

Samuels apparently takes issue with the fact that apparently the Jolie-Pitts don’t subscribe to the same hair tyranny that makes life for many little black girls a living hell of hot combs, relaxers, braids, twists and barrettes so tight they take your hair out. In the photo the child’s hair looks moisturized and well-tended, yet somehow Samuels has a problem with the fact that it’s not braided or up in twists, or in one of the elaborate do’s that mean a black child’s hair is “done”. God forbid her hair should revert or puff up. That’s what African hair does, and who says there’s anything wrong with it? Why is puffy hair somehow unruly, unless you’re enslaved to a European hair aesthetic. Sasha and Malia Obama have beautiful well-groomed hair as you stated, but guess what their hair would be just as beautiful out of braids and twists. They’re children for God’s sake! Why are we carrying this holdover from slavery and Jim Crow and trying to impose it on others? Ms. Samuels, your shackles are showing. And get this, she supports her bullshit thesis with posts from Media Takeout and other blogs. She’s supposed to be a reporter and this is where she gets her supporting evidence? 

I am so tired of this box, this obsessively fucked up mindset that says that black women/girls have to have their hair “fixed” like it’s a fucking cleft palate. She’s four-years old can she not grow up believing her hair is perfectly fine just the way it is? Does she have to believe that her hair is a birth defect so she becomes like Tyra, a beautiful, talented woman who was AFRAID (her word) to show her own hair? Or like the young women/girls I knew when I worked at Job Corps who spent every dime they earned at some wig shop where they were treated like crap buying hair that no self-respecting Barbie doll would be caught dead in? 

It’s time to draw a line in the sand, somebody has got the be Gandalf. Leave black women/girls and OUR hair alone. We are not zoo exhibits to be examined and dictated to by some crazy bitch at Newsweek. The unmitigated gall of these people just takes my breath away.