Blame It On Paradise (Indigo Love Spectrum)

Crystal Hubbard, who, by the way, is one of the best damned writers on the planet, had me in tears this morning. And, no, it wasn’t from laughing hysterically at the Epilogue of Blame it On Paradise

See, Crystal is recovering from cancer and subsequent bouts of chemotherapy. When she heard about Sharon Cullars’ plight, she was one of the first people to respond. In addition to donating the $200 she won on scratch-offs, she and her children went door-to-door selling cupcakes and kettlecorn (Ummm kettlecorn. Sorry, kettlecorn just brings out the Homer Simpson in me.) and raised an additional $300. 

Despite having gone above and beyond on Sharon’s behalf, Crystal sent me an email this morning despairing that she hadn’t been able to give more. I know this is a cliché, but people like her restore my faith in humanity. So, here’s to you Crystal Hubbard, thank you is not nearly enough. Love you like a play cousin.